Dick Dale Tour Dates 2009

With shows starting tonight, there’s a new set of tour dates for Dick Dale. He’ll be performing with his son Jimmy, who I believe plays drums. Here are the dates:
August 26, Wednesday  –
Stephen Talkhouse  – Amagansett, NY.
August 27, Thursday  – The City Winery – New York, NY.
August 28, Friday – The Birchmere – Alexandria, VA.
August 30, Sunday – The Rams Head – Annapolis, MD.
September 9, Wednesday – Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, CA

Surf Guitar Playing Video from the Eliminators

John Benton from the Lively Ones, the Surfaris and the Eliminators plays a few different style songs in the video here. Plenty of up close shots on the fretboard so you see what he’s doing.

He’s playing (according to the description) a Fender 57 American reissue Stratocaster – in surf green, an original Fender 1964 reverb tank, a Fender Deluxe 90 amp.

Surf Llama’s Best Surf Guitar Songs

I thought it would be cool if people listed their favorite surf rock songs. Here’s my list of instrumental surf songs. I’ll update it as it changes – unless I forget.

  1. Misirlou – Dick Dale (Song on YouTube)
  2. Pipeline – the Chantays (Song – video is hilarious)
  3. Bustin’ Surfboards – the Tornadoes (Song)
  4. Surf Beat – Dick Dale (Song)
  5. Rumble at Waikiki – The Looney Tunes (Song – cover)
  6. Walk Don’t Run – the Ventures (Song)
  7. Rescue at Mavericks – the Torquays (Song)
  8. Surf Rider – Lively Ones (Song)
  9. Pacifica – Los Straitjackets (Song)
  10. Tidal Wave – Dick Dale (Song)
  11. Johnny’s Noseride – the Eliminators (Song)
  12. Let’s Go Trippin’ – Dick Dale (Song)
  13. Taco Wagon – Dick Dale (Song)
  14. Can You Dig It? – Los Straitjackets (Song – cover)
  15. Mr. Moto – Bel Airs (Song)
  16. Rumble – Link Wray (Song)
  17. Rebel Rouser – Duane Eddy (Song)
  18. Man of Mystery – the Shadows (Song)
  19. Jack the Ripper – Link Wray (Song)
  20. Brains & Eggs – Los Straitjackets (Song)

So what did I leave out?  Throw out your favorites for consideration or list your own top 20.

Los Cuchillos: Awesome Surf Band from Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surf Band: Los Cuchillos - Monstonautas de la Era Atomica
Costa Rica Surf Band: Los Cuchillos - Monstonautas de la Era Atomica

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Los Cuchillos. You’ve probably never heard of these guys, but you need to go listen to them right now. Their name first struck me as awesome (Los Cuchillos is spanish for The Knives), and then the music floored me. It’s awesome. If you’re into the look and the sound of surf guitar – it’s all there with this surf band from Costa Rica. Check out their official website and/or their myspace page for some awesome tracks, pictures and videos.

I might also add that there are several pictures of their lead guitarist playing a DiPinto guitar:

Los Cuchillos in Studio with a DiPinto Guitar
Los Cuchillos in Studio with a DiPinto Guitar

DiPinto Guitars, based in Philadelphia, is making some of the most surfy guitars you can find, and it makes me happy that Los Cuchillos have one of these guitars in their arsenal.

I’ll leave you with a badass video Los Cuchillos did for El Hombre Lobo (the Wolfman):

Junior Brown Surf Guitar Medley

Not really a video, just pictures but with the sound.  Regardless, it’s great country artist Junior Brown playing a great surf medley on his crazy custom-built “guit-steel.”  He puts on a pretty entertaining show.

Von Drat Surf Guitar from Sparrow Guitars

Sparrow Guitars has come up with a line of surf guitars, announced at NAMM 2009.

The Von Drat Continental surf guitar is named after Canadian surf band “the Von Drats.”

It’s got a cool green color, a big pick guard, and a slanted pickup.  Apparently it’s available in black as well.

The pickups are Burns Tri-Sonic and the tremolo is Wilkinson tremolo. According to Sparrow it has maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard as well as a volume knob and a tone knob.

Picture below for your enjoyment:

Sparrow Von Drat Surf Guitar
Sparrow Von Drat Surf Guitar

Anyone own one of these? Tell us what you think with a comment below.

Setting Up Pandora Surf Music Stations

If you’re not sucking down your company’s broadband by streaming Pandora radio all day, you’re missing out.  Pandora is a great site for listening to free music, based on the artist or song you specify.

Setting up a station depends on the type of surf music you like.  Most all popular bands are available, so if you simply enter your favorite band, that will work fine.

Personally, I like to create stations with multiple artists, to make the music a little diverse.  At least, I think that’s how it works.  Here are some tips I’ve found:

  • Songs work better than artists. A song has a specific sound, a band can have many sounds.
  • Do you want a 60’s “clean” surf guitar sound, or do you want a dirty sound?  If you want both, create two different stations or your one station will sound muddled.

For an old-school surf station, try:

  • The Ventures
  • “Surf Rider” by the Lively Ones

For a clean station, try:

  • “Pacifica” by Los Straitjackets
  • “Blue Venus” by the Blue Sting Rays (also good for a slow, get your wife in the mood station)

For a crunchier sound, how’s about:

  • “Eliminator” by Dick Dale
  • “Son of DaiKaiJu” by DaiKaiJu
  • Link Wray

A more swing sound:

  • “Can You Dig It?” by Los Straitjackets

Lots of reverb:

  • “Mystery Meat” by Man or Astro-Man?
  • “Rebel Rouser” by Duane Eddy

What are your Pandora station suggestions?  Or any other internet radio stations?

Our First Post – Destined for Historical Greatness

Welcome to Surfguitar.com. Here you will find:

  • Surf guitar music news
  • Awesome guitars, pedals, and amps for surf music
  • Surf bands
  • Surf music tips
  • Non-surfy music like rockabilly when we’ve got nothing better to say
  • A combination of thorough, interesting posts and grammatically-flawed, late night ramblings.

And hopefully lots of great community discussions.

Either way, this single post can’t possible capture the tremendous awesomeness that this site will be, but you may want to print it off, frame it, and hang it on your office wall to let people know you were there to witness the beginning.