Los Cuchillos - Surf Band from Costa Rica

Los Cuchillos – Surf Band from Costa Rica

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Los Cuchillos. You’ve probably never heard of these guys, but you need to go listen to them right now. Their name first struck me as awesome (Los Cuchillos is spanish for The Knives), and then the music floored me. It’s awesome.

If you’re into the look and the sound of surf guitar – it’s all there with this surf band from Costa Rica. Check out their official website and/or their bandcamp page for some awesome tracks, pictures and videos.

I might also add that there are several pictures of their lead guitarist playing a DiPinto guitar:

Los Cuchillos & DiPinto Guitars

Los Cuchillos & DiPinto Guitars

DiPinto Guitars, based in Philadelphia, is making some of the most surfy guitars you can find, and it makes me happy that Los Cuchillos have one of these guitars in their arsenal.

I’ll leave you with a badass video Los Cuchillos did for El Hombre Lobo (the Wolfman):