I thought it would be cool if people listed their favorite surf rock songs. Here’s my list of instrumental surf songs. I’ll update it as it changes – unless I forget.

  1. Misirlou (performed by Dick Dale)

  2. Pipeline (performed by The Chantays)

  3. Bustin’ Surfboards (performed by the Tornadoes))

  4. Surf Beat (performed by Dick Dale)

  5. Rumble at Waikiki (performed by Jon & the Nightriders)

  6. Walk Don’t Run (performend by The Ventures )

  7. Rescue at Mavericks (performend by The Torquays)

  8. Surf Rider (performend by the Lively Ones

  9. Pacifica (performend by Los Straitjackets)

  10. Tidal Wave (performend by Dick Dale)

  11. Johnny’s Noseride (performend by The Eliminators)

  12. Let’s Go Trippin’ (performend by Dick Dale)

  13. Taco Wagon (performend by Dick Dale)

  14. Can You Dig It? (performend by Los Straitjackets)

  15. Mr. Moto (performend by Belairs)

  16. Rumble (performend by Link Wray)

  17. Rebel Rouser (performend by Duane Eddy)

  18. Man of Mystery (performend by The Shadows)

  19. Jack the Ripper (performend by Link Wray)

  20. Brains & Eggs (performend by Los Straitjackets)

So what did I leave out?  Throw out your favorites for consideration or list your own top 20.