The Ventures are one of the classic surf bands, and “Walk Don’t Run” is one of the most classic surf songs.  Because of the lasting popularity of the song, it’s one that’s been covered numerous times. Below are a few covers of “Walk Don’t Run” that I found worth a listen.

Here’s the original version by the Venture if you need a refresher:

Now here’s a version from guitar great Chet Atkins. It’s a cool acoustic, jazzy version:

And here’s a ukele version of the song, which is also very enjoyable. It’s done by a felt bear and rabbit apparently:

Another acoustic version, but with more guitar parts. This is by the California Guitar Trio, but the sound quality is pretty lousy:

And the final one, this is more of an update to the original version. It’s by the Shadows, and I like this version the best:

Give us your opinions on the best covers of this song.