Surf Llama’s Best Surf Guitar Songs

I thought it would be cool if people listed their favorite surf rock songs. Here’s my list of instrumental surf songs. I’ll update it as it changes – unless I forget.

  1. Misirlou – Dick Dale (Song on YouTube)
  2. Pipeline – the Chantays (Song – video is hilarious)
  3. Bustin’ Surfboards – the Tornadoes (Song)
  4. Surf Beat – Dick Dale (Song)
  5. Rumble at Waikiki – The Looney Tunes (Song – cover)
  6. Walk Don’t Run – the Ventures (Song)
  7. Rescue at Mavericks – the Torquays (Song)
  8. Surf Rider – Lively Ones (Song)
  9. Pacifica – Los Straitjackets (Song)
  10. Tidal Wave – Dick Dale (Song)
  11. Johnny’s Noseride – the Eliminators (Song)
  12. Let’s Go Trippin’ – Dick Dale (Song)
  13. Taco Wagon – Dick Dale (Song)
  14. Can You Dig It? – Los Straitjackets (Song – cover)
  15. Mr. Moto – Bel Airs (Song)
  16. Rumble – Link Wray (Song)
  17. Rebel Rouser – Duane Eddy (Song)
  18. Man of Mystery – the Shadows (Song)
  19. Jack the Ripper – Link Wray (Song)
  20. Brains & Eggs – Los Straitjackets (Song)

So what did I leave out?  Throw out your favorites for consideration or list your own top 20.

Author: Surf Llama

Hey there - I'm John, AKA Surf Llama. I'm a big music fan and guitar player for 15 years. I also play a very poor harmonica. I love all sorts of music include surf guitar, and personally I play a Eastwood Twin Tone electric and an old Yahama acoustic. Shoot me an email if you want to chat.

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